Monday, March 17, 2008

Domino Effect Tag

i'm doing my blogging stuff and rounds to my blogger friends when I got this domino tag from a dear friend housewife@work;

vanidosa, Thea is {}, Childstar, Mike, My Scrappy Side, Abie, Aggie, Alpha, Apple, Apols, Jacqui, Jane, Jody, Joy, Kelly, Mich, Peachy, Gatteo, Liza (A Simple Life), Tet, Nyumix, JulianaRW, Liza(MCN), Wifespeak, MAX, Hanna, Michelle, Butchay, allinkorea, korean food, idealpinkrose, housewife @ work, the_sphinx.


Simply add your name to the bottom and pass it forward.

ur resident chef, the life of an oregano addict, space of reality, spice of life, busy mom's journal, my log and my dog, and eurodog training.

(sorry... i am still in the process of learning how to add the links. can anyone help me?)