Friday, March 2, 2012


They say an aging woman oftentimes gets embarassed when people ask about their age. Not true! At least, I do not get embarassed at all when people ask me and I answer, I am 55 and in 4 months, a year will be added to my more-than-half-a-century age. I feel I should be proud, that despite an unhealthy habit of smoking, I've been a long transient in this journey of life. My GOD has given me a long lease on life as it is and for this, I am grateful.

Very young people and some of those younger than me might see me as a person who will be gone in a few years. Perhaps, they have this perception that I may be afraid to die.

Well, when I was a decade younger, I fear the idea of dying. I was afraid because my children were too young to leave behind. Actually I was afraid for them because I feel they still need their mother by their side. Now, my children are all grown up and they can live their lives as they please. I am quite assured that with the discipline and the guidance I gave them through their growing-up years have already been seeded and nurtured and that they will be alright even without my physical presence.

You see, I have this FAITH that so long as they persevere and continue to live by their own faith, they will be alright. Even with the expected twists and turns in their lives, they will be able to face them with the strength that is given by their faith. I always tell them that they should NEVER LOSE FAITH, faith that will carry them through their own crisis. I leave them this when I am gone and it gives me peace.

Guess I'm really getting old. I did not think about this when I was younger. You're right... age does strange things when you're older.