Saturday, April 26, 2008

The End

Remember what I wrote about in my older posts? I told the story of Mark and Anne.

To recap, Mark went off to Saudi Arabia to work there as an industrial electrician, leaving his wife and two children here in the Philippines, so he could earn more and save more for the future of his kids. Wage of manual labor here is so meager, and even for food alone, it can barely sustain the family. So he chose to work abroad as an overseas foreign worker.

Anne, on the other hand, who also wishes to give the children a better future, chatted online with foreign males and married one, while his common-law (they were not legally married) husband was still abroad.

Now, Mark came home on the second week of April, without a wife to welcome him, and only his children to give him strength and sanity to move on.

I was expecting he'd blow his head off when we went to see the kids at his in-laws' place, but my fear was unfounded. He remained calm as he listened to his in-laws' washing of their hands, telling him how they could not stop Anne from marrying the foreigner; about Anne's determination to uplift her status in life for her children; and about how he could move on by looking for another woman who would stay by him through his ups and downs. Mark took all these in silence, perhaps fearing he might say words that could be out of line.

The children came to stay with him for a week and he showered them with gifts, taking them shopping and eating out. I can see how the kids missed their father, and they were outspoken about their choice, that they'd rather stay with him than join their mother in the States.

I do not condemn what Anne did because I understand that she only wished security for her children. But I cannot help taking sides because I know that Mark is doing everything he can to give them what she wishes for.

In the Cebuano dialect, there is a saying that goes "Bisag saging, basta loving". It means that even if you share a single banana between the two of you, it doesn't matter, as long as you love each other. Guess this isn't true anymore....

Monday, April 21, 2008

Local Hospital Scandal

Have you seen You Tube's "janjan"? I'm sure most of the Filipinos around the world have seen the video. For the sake of readers who are not Filipinos, the video is of an actual operation in the local provincial hospital here in Cebu City, the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.

Janjan is a 39 year-old homosexual who came in for an operation. A body spray canister was lodged inside his anus and an operation was needed. During the operation, a video was taken wherein the doctors performing the operation and the nurses who were assisting, were making fun of the poor guy who was undoubtedly sedated and unaware of the things that went on around him. One of those present inside the operating room got hold of a copy of the video ( it was also said that the video was circulated through mobile phones), and uploaded it to You Tube for fun.

Now, "Janjan" has filed a lawsuit against the hospital, the attending physicians and the nurses. Sad to say, he who placed his life on the hands of these professionals, giving them his total faith, was humiliated and now ridiculed due to their absurd sense of humor.

I am so astounded with these so-called professionals. Just because the guy is a homosexual does not give them the right to forget medical ethics. It's a pity that some people think that homosexuals deserve less respect than normal men and women. Irregardless of sexual inclinations, each and every person deserves respect.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm Back!

After two weeks of rest, I'm back. My blood pressure was irregular, it sometimes accelerates and sometimes it plunges down. I'm feeling so much better today so I decide to check my blogs. My email is sooo full, don't know when I could actually sort all of them. I will try to post in my three blogs this weekend.

I would like to thank my blogger friends who kept on dropping by my blogs...