Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Rainbow After the Storm

I'm dragging myself back to blogging today, after days of going around the house and doing whatever comes to my mind. I finished reading three pocketbooks, and spent hours watching shows on cable. Sometimes, I sleep the whole afternoon and lie awake at night. Today, I woke up refreshed and decided to visit my sites. Thank you guys for the regular visits, though I was inactive for quite some time.

Although I still feel lonely for losing Elaine, I feel that God has always been with us. And after the loss, God delivered another gift to us, one that reminds me that life just has to go on.

My husband called me early Sunday morning (that was Father's Day). I felt excitement in his voice, though he tried to sound casual about it. He said he just got a promotion, he is now the manager of their company's new network program. Previously, he was the network administrator but now, a new department has been launched solely for their JD Edward program, and he sits on top of it. I know this didn't come easy for him, he had to attend seminars in different places like Johannesburg, South Africa and more recently, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am just so happy for him because the truth is, I had been hoping for such a promotion years ago. Honestly, I lost hope because there has never been a Filipino manager in any important department of their company. I think he is the first ever! So I believe that the company truly sees his loyalty and capacity to manage his own department.

The news is like rainbow after the storm in my life. It gives me the strength to move on, it makes me realize that my family is still here, needing me to keep them together. Storms could shake our lives at times when we least expect them, and they could damage us to some extent, but all we really have to remember is that they always pass. All we have to remember, most of all, is that there's a rainbow after a storm.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Yesterday, I had a wake-up call from my nephew, Elaine's brother. She passed away, the doctors tried to revive her when they brought her to the hospital but they failed. She's gone and I feel a vacant spot in my heart for the closest niece that I ever had.

Looking at her, I came to think that perhaps she stopped fighting for her life because she can no longer bear her pain. I was there the day before she died and I witnessed the unbearable pain that she felt during her spasm. I can't help thinking too that maybe, God heard her prayer, because she was asking to end it all.

We will be laying her to rest tomorrow afternoon and it would be the last time that I will be able to see her. I hope she will have the eternal peace and that the rest of us who are left behind, will continue to cherish the memories she has left deep inside each of us.

To my favorite niece and my best friend... Goodbye!