Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bad Dream

Yesterday, I woke up crying from a very dreadful dream. It seemed true and I was really sobbing. Old people in my country always say that when you have bad dreams, especially about death, you should tell this dream to people so as to thwart away the evil. I've told everyone in the family and now, I'm going to tell you.

The dream was about my only daughter, the youngest among my four children. She was riding on a passenger jeepney (filipino transportation) on her way to the city. The jeepney had an accident along the highway and she died. Not knowing that she met an accident, we were waiting for her until dinner time and when she didn't come home, we started looking for her but we were not able to find her. The next day, a police officer came and told me the news. I went to the morgue and I saw her there and I cried. This was when I woke up crying.

I called my husband overseas and told him my dream and we agreed not to let her go to their graduation bash which will be held in a beach resort in the neighboring island of Mactan. We just thought we ought to be cautious.

Can anyone tell me the meaning of this dream? What is this really? Is it a premonition or just a part of my unconsious mind?


piebuko said...

I had those kinds of dreams too. I would wake up with tears streaming down my face. I'd have dreams of my mom dying. So, far nothing came out of those dreams.

I had a dream last night that I turned to a white cat. I looked it up online and I learned that a white cat is a bad omen. I was upset because I'm waiting for the bar exam results.

The_Sphinx's World said...

Oh no, please do not entertain negative thoughts. always be positive and together with our prayers, I know things will turn out right. said...

I have a very good friend who always interprets my dreams and so far she has been right on. I have had that kind of dream...where someone close to me dies...and my friend tells me that is just my subconscious fears that something bad will happen. It may be that you were worried about the graduation party anyway, and this dream just brings out the underlying worries. My best advice is to follow your heart, as a mom, because you always know what is best.

The_Sphinx's World said...

I can't shake it off, although my children say that such dreams do not come true. I still believe that I have to take precautions. I've already contacted our PTA president and told him she can't attend. And I make it a point that her brothers fetch her after class. Guess it's the mom in me.

lin said...