Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Unfaithful "Wife" (Part 2)

Thinking back, I remember that even while Mark was still home, Anne was into internet chatting with American men. I tried to understand that the reason was perhaps financial, because as I have heard her say, American men are generous, which means that they send her dollars whenever she needs money. There was even a time when they had a fight over this and Mark went home, leaving his wife and children in their home. But of course, they made up again like they always do after they fight.

Now that Mark is working abroad, Anne kept on with her internet "connection". Mark's family thought that she was seriously trying to hold her family together despite the distance. Then it was perhaps late October when we heard that she has left for the US, leaving her children behind with her sister. I called her family to verify if it was true and they said that it was. At the same time, they also apologized for her action. So I called Mark in the Middle East to give him the news that his wife got married with an American and that she has already left the country with her new husband.

Mark was shocked and he wanted to go home right there and then. He thought that Anne was going to apply for work abroad but he did not realize that she was planning all the while to leave him. He is scheduled to go home next month and I hope that he will stay calm when he faces his "in-laws" after what Anne did to him. And I still do not know for sure what his decision will be with regards to their children.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed until next month.


Beth said...

That is sad, but how was she able to left the country that fast. If she was married to Mark, I think marriage has to be voided first? I have heard the almost the same story. A girl who married to 3 different guys. 1 Filipino and 2 americans. How sad!!! Because of money they're willing to sacrifice their family and sell their soul to the devil .

The_Sphinx's World said...

It is really sad and though I like to hate her, I just can't because Mark failed to marry her legally, they were just living together. Perhaps she chose security rather than love.

piebuko said...

That is just so sad. Why was she not contented? The story tells of a little girl who wanted too much and doesn't care who got hurt in the process. What about her children? How did her leaving affect them?

The_Sphinx's World said...

I went to visit the children last week and they seem to have this distance from us. And when I told them their dad is coming home, I think it failed to register, they just smiled and looked at me. I don't know if they have been brainwashed by their mother's family. I told them that their dad sent some money for them and that I'm giving it to their aunt. They continued playing as if they didn't care at all!

lin said...