Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Unfaithful "Wife" (Part 1)

Today, I wish to share with you the true-to-life story of a family member, who is, incidentally, an overseas foreign worker, working as an assistant electrician in Qatar. He has been living with a girl for six or seven years, and has considered this girl his wife, sired a daughter aged five and a son aged three years of age, with her. Let me name my brother-in-law Mark and his common-law wife, Anne.

Before their union, Anne was married to an American that she met and made friends with, through the internet. This American came to the country to marry her after only a few internet encounters. They got married and after the ceremony, the man left her with the promise to process her papers so she could join her in the States. But before the papers were done, my brother-in-law came into the picture. Because of mutual friends, the two have been writing to each other while Mark was in Kuwait at that time. When he came home, they met, talked, and dated. Soon, they lived together.

When the American heard about what she did, he called Mark and verified the rumor which he heard from Anne's friend. Fearful that there may be some legal problems if he tells the truth, he told the husband there was nothing between Anne and him. At first, the husband believed their lie but due to the persistent rumors, he cut his communication with his wife and stopped sending money to Anne. Anne and Mark now live as husband and wife. She gave birth to a daughter who carried the American's family name, and a son who carried Anne's maiden name. Life then became hard financially, especially because Mark was not able to work abroad for six years. There were times when they had big fights and separated. Such fights do not last long though, they always end up getting back with each other. Such was their life when opportunity came again for Mark to work in Qatar. He left Anne and his two children to work abroad so he could give them a better way of life.

(to be continued...)

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