Thursday, January 24, 2008


    Shame on me! I still grope around on what i should do to my blog. Sometimes, I laugh and ask myself what on earth does a fifty one year-old woman do in this highly youth-populated world of internet? For one thing, my son and my vacationing husband talked me into this and for another, I am just in need of something worthwhile to do, being confined to the house by myself. My eyes often blurred with constant reading and DVD watching.

     Being a full time housewife and mother, I just realized how "alone" I am, now that the kids are grown up and my husband working abroad. I did not have this feeling while they were still young. My three sons and my youngest daughter are quite a handful while still in their formative years. I was busy with disciplining, teaching, and taking care of their most basic needs. Early mornings were always busy, waking them up, preparing food and seeing them off to school. Now, I merely prepare food on the table and they do the rest. Actually, it's boring, more so for me because I am basically a homebody. I wanted to work again but here in the Philippines, I am just considered overaged to start a career again. In comparison, women of my age in the west still have time to make themselves useful, career-wise. Hopefully, this blog could give me a new avenue to stop me from feeling stagnant and boost up my dwindling ego.

     Really, what can I do with this new tool? Can anybody out there help me?