Saturday, May 24, 2008

College Scholarship

My daughter took the scholarship exam last year for the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) dependents. They told us the result would come out last April but it didn't. Finally, they uploaded it on their website last Thursday, May 22. Unfortunately, my daughter did not make it to the top 100. I just recently knew that there will only be a hundred slots for OFW dependents nationwide.

Can you imagine that? There are thousands of overseas foreign workers who are pouring in dollars in remittance to the country and they could only afford a hundred scholars? Call me a sore loser, but I thought that anyone (regardless of how many) could avail of the benefit as long as they pass the exam. Since it is a requirement for those who may want to take the exam to have good grades, I thought all those who qualified and took it and passed, can have the scholarship. But no, since there are only a hundred slots, naturally it follows that only those who are on the top 100 examinees will be taken. It should have been fair is to set a margin, an actual passing average for the test and all those who garnered the average score can avail of the scholarship, no matter how many.

The scholarship program offers PhP30,000.00 per semester for each scholar. This is more than enough to pay for one student's tuition fees alone. This could also cover the books and the allowance. It would have been a big help for us but what can we do? It's the way they run things, and like it or not, we cannot avail of the benefit. Guess I have to stretch my budget again with another child going into college when school opens this year.


earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Sphinx,

That's disappointing. Actually our government is disappointing especially when it comes to taking care of our Mga Bagong Bayani. The OFWs really remit millions of dollars in the country making it survive and it all gets in the pocket of those kurakot. Our airport is a mess, our customs are corrupt, and the police in the airport are sore losers, our cabbies are greedy. Wow I could complain more hahaha.

And I agree they should set margin and not just the top 100 jeeez we have millions of OFWs.

Anyway, I am here because I would like you to take the Myers-Briggs test tag from my Earthly Explorations blog. It's a fun test personality type test.

I hope you have a great week ahead.

The_Sphinx's World said...

Thank you once again for the comment. I just feel that we do not have a lot of benefits. I just feel that a lot of OFW children are deserving but the chance they offer is so slim.

I will be going into your site now to take the test. Hmmm, I'm wondering what personality I would be classified into?

Pinay Jade said...

It's a pity that your girl didn't make it. Tuition fees are really getting more expensive and the government should really prioritize the education of our kids.

We have a lot of talented children but sadly they cannot all afford to got to school.

The_Sphinx's World said...

Hi Jade,

Glad that you're back, I hope you feel great now, after your rest.

Yes, I heard that a lot of students now are dropping out due to tuition fee hike. I wish that deserving students are given the chance to pursue their education.

As for me, well I just have to stretch my budget and hope that both ends meet.