Friday, August 26, 2011


I've been thinking of writing anything that comes to my mind in my blog, regardless of whether anyone reads them or not. My absence in the blogging world for the past three years has caused my readers/friends/fellow bloggers to stop checking on my site. It doesn't matter. This blog of mine will be something that my family may read when I'm gone. Who knows, my one-year-old granddaughter may still be able to read them many years from now. This would then help her form an image of her grandmother.

These days, I'm really into Facebook, or FB as my children call it. It is not really because I long to communicate with old friends again (though I'm grateful I did find some of them), it's because I get to play games (especially Gardens of Time!). But what I like most is that I could post some inspiring quotes in my status, quotes that oftentimes touch the lives of people.

Often, I browse through the net to look for very inspiring or touching quotes. This morning I found something on the site that lists very good Chinese provers or sayings. This site I often visit because being half Chinese, I grew up in a somewhat rigid Chinese tradition. I am sharing this quote here with whoever may read this post.

"When Death overtakes us, all that we have is left to others;
all that we are, we take with us."

Isn't it true? Some people spend their whole lives hoarding material things, trying to accumulate more and more, and sometimes forgetting that there are other things more important than all these. Relationships may break, love may be overlooked, faith may be set aside. Getting comfortable in life is, of course, good but making this your sole purpose of living is not.

Let's ponder the quote above more seriously. Eventually, everyone of us dies and when we do, we leave everything behind for those who still live. Good for them but bad for the one who died who spent all his life for such purpose alone. If this person left broken relationships, never experienced love, or lost his faith, then his death is truly his end. No memories of the dead may linger in the hearts of those he left behind.... what a wasted life!

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