Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's not easy...

It's been a long while since I visited my blogs and the reason is, I was and still am busy. I used to feel bored with my life before, with nothing else to do but the household chores. My long-time blogger friends will perhaps remember that we were planning to open a small business of our own that could, with God's grace, become a "fallback" in case my husband stops working abroad. And now, we are able to achieve this dream.

The first shop that we opened was a gaming shop, a small PS2 arcade. We started with three(3) units and now, we have six and one xbox. Then we opened an internet cafe starting with eight (8) units. Now, we have ten. Starting a business is never easy. Investment is high and with this type of business, you continue to upgrade. Although it is hard to stay afloat despite the competitions, it is nonetheless satisfying to be able to count the daily earnings when you close shop every night. To succeed, you have to give one hundred percent dedication to the project and spend enough time to check on it daily. Huh! Smart talk from a neophyte, some would say. But believe me, it's true. When you set your mind to do something, think of it as reachable, never impossible. It may not be easy but then again, it makes it much sweeter when you get there.

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